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About Us

eCigguk was born after the success of our retail store with a mission to provide the best quality products at the lowest possible price. We are different than other online retailer because of our own retail store we interact with different costumer with different need so we can provide that experience to our online customers as well.


We trading in Cardiff since 2002 and we are one of the oldest store left on the street. If you are around Cardiff please pop down to say hello.


Our main aim is customer satisfaction because we believe the best publicity is word is mouth and we can only get that by satisfying our customer. We try and do everything to satisfy all our customers.


You can always contact us by in store, phone, email and post. We love to receive your feedback.


We have largest growing range of electronic cigarettes and e liquid .we always follow the biggest manufacturer of electronic cigarettes so we can provide the latest and the best product to our customers.


The market of electronic cigarettes are growing rapidly in the UK we only source our product from reputed firms.


Most of our eliquid comes in different nicotine strength. The idea behind it is that person start with the 24mg high strength and cut down to 18mg then 12 mg then 6mg then no nicotine not unlike other retailer who sells you 0mg and 24mg and tells you to mix yourself the practical problem with this practice is you never sure that what nicotine level they are on. We carry a range of zero nicotine flavour that's where we want to see all our customers at zero nicotine.


Thank you for visiting our site together we can make UK Tobacco free. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter


Mission statement


Ecigguk mission is to be the leader of rapidly evolving electronic cigarettes market for the best products and customer satisfaction


Why Hangsen ?


HANGSEN is the world’s largest E-liquid manufacturer. We provide OEM products and services to the biggest retailers worldwide. Our products are being sold in over 80 countries across the globe and all our clients are guaranteed of the quality.


Huge range of flavours including ranges of: Tobaccos, Fruits, Mints, Drinks & Others available in strengths of 24mg (high), 12mg (medium) and 0mg (zero).


Natural Ingredients


“We are the only manufacturer using truly natural tobacco ingredients in the industry. Our products bear the cigarette smoking sensation and the taste lasts longer than others in the market. Our high quality ingredients include 99% pure nicotine and tobacco aroma essence.


Natural ingredients deliver much more enjoyable smoking experience than synthetically made ingredients. Natural ingredients ensure strong throat hit, great smoking sensation and thick vapour, which you could never find in any synthetic ingredients.” 


The reasons that Hangsen are the No.1 manufacturer:


“We never compromise quality. Our high quality ingredients include 98% pure nicotine and USP graded PG/VG to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.”


 “All our products are made of the best and safest ingredients and materials. The best products come from the best ingredients. We are the only manufacturer truly using natural tobacco ingredients in the industry. Our products deliver cigarette smoking sensation without the harmful ingredients, and the taste is far better than other products made of chemical ingredients in the market. We insist in using only top grade ingredients and materials, such as 99% pure nicotine, PG/VG from American Dow, Grade A battery and top quality PP plastic.”


“We possess the most profound technical knowledge in the industry. Technical strength is the key to our success. Our CEO is the first pioneer in E-liquid research and development. He invented the first recipe of E-liquid in 2004 and built the foundation of PG/VG combination in the E-liquid. In addition, our research and engineering teams have been in the industry since the first electronic cigarette emerged”


“We deploy automatic production process as well as ISO9001 and GMP certified quality management system. Quality is our focus. We follow international ISO9001 and GMP production practice to manage the process with the highest quality standard. Our 10,000 square meter factory is equipped with the most advanced production machines and testing devices to guarantee product consistency and production capacity. Every product batch is tested to ensure quality before it is sent out.”


Quality Control System


"We deploy ISO9001 and GMP certified quality control system, and test every batch of product in full before delivery to ensure the quality and safety to reach the highest standard.


We pay attention to every detail. Our quality controllers are deployed in every process throughout the factory, checking every position of the production line to minimize human error and thus ensure the perfect completion of the whole procedure from extraction to the finished products."




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24mg, 12mg & 0 mg Available


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